Fellow crafters that share the same values of culture, passion and story with us!

Geisha 藝妓 Aug 2016

Coffee Pale Ale

A unique potion brewed with Geisha speciality coffee in collaboration with @sensoryartisan. Once disrobed, #Geisha coffee ale reveals perfumes of candied berries, mandarin and honeysuckle. Geisha will lead you through an elegant performance of flavours from a bright fruitiness to a bittersweet finish.

Give & Take 拎起放低 June 2016

Black IPA

《釀字 Brewtiful Words》--- a unique exhibition on beer & life by local calligraphy artist @theinkless. The exhibition will be held @65peel from June 2-30. They will also have a limited edition of an ink-inspired #craftbeer made by #moonzen! Mark your calendar!

One Beer Two Systems 一啤两制 酸梅汤啤 Sep 2015

Sour Plum Ale(5.8%ABV)

門神第一次的合作啤,與北京的哥们儿「京A」釀造! 這跨國啤名為 《一啤,兩制》,口味是小麥啤+我國喜爱的飲料!10月9日在Beertopia 推出,超級限量...只有一批!#Moonzen's first collab with @jingabrewing, 'One Beer Two Systems', is an awesome wheat beer brewed with a popular Chinese thirst quencher! To be released in Beertopia, while stock lasts...

Daikoku Daifuku 大黒福红豆啤 Oct 2016

Red Bean Ale (5%ABV)

We are brewing a #collaborationbeer with @bairdbrewing! It will be a red adzuki bean ale, called Daikoku Daifuku. (大黒福). What's his story? One of the seven lucky gods (七福神) in Japan, Daikoku is the god of five cereals and commerce. May he grant you prosperity and wealth!

Cock of the Wok 白雞冠洛神花啤 Jan 2017

Hibiscus & Oolong Ale (6.7%ABV)

Ancient Chinese proverb states: "Man with hole in pocket feels cocky all day." So true and righteous as this auspicious red ale brewed with Hibiscus (洛神花) and Baijiguan Oolong Tea (白雞冠). Legend has it that the name of Baijiguan tea was given by a monk in memorial of a courageous rooster that sacrificed his life while protecting his baby from an eagle. Touched by the display of courage and love, the monk buried the rooster and from that spot, the Baijiguan tea bush grew. @atgbrewery x @moonzenbrewery collaboration #craftbeer to celebrate the Year of the Fire Rooster.

Mijiaya Mar 2017

Neolithic Ale (4.8%ABV)

We have partnered with Prof. Liu Li, Stanford University Archeology Team of Ancient Alcohol Research and the Shaanxi Institute of Archeology to bring back to life a 5000 year old recipe from the Neolithic Yangshao Period! 我們與斯坦福大學古酒研究考古團和陝西省考古研究院合作,再現釀造5000年歷史仰韶時期的啤酒配方!

Yakima x Moonzen Drink for Charity! May 2017

Help Ale (7%ABV)

In past times it was common to brew a #help ale where friendly folk would gather round to drink, and contribute the money collected from selling the ale to a worthy cause. This Help Ale (7%) was brewed using Palisade hops sponsored by Yakima Chief, with additions of sweet orange peel and camomile. A soothing brew for do-gooders.

Golden Gourd Collaboration Set June 2017

Double Mushroom Dubbel (8%ABV)

The #moonzen #goldengourd beer set includes: a #beerglass designed by @workshop_ando and hand blown by Rastal®; a Double Mushroom Dubbel beer 8% brewed by Moonzen Brewery using Yellow and Red Mushrooms; a #goldengourdstory book illustrated by 蝸的時間slow·print and written/published by Moonzen

Geisha 藝妓 Aug 2017

Cascara Cream Ale

Beer Geeks & Coffee Geeks unite! 限定特別な Cascara Cream Ale! A new, exotic drink on the coffee geek scene is cascara, also known as coffee cherry tea. Cascara, which means "husk" or "skin" in Spanish, is the dried skins of coffee cherries. Now they are being used to produce a unique drink of their own. Is it a coffee, tea or... why not beer?! We brewed with the best Geisha coffee cascara in a Cream Ale for a smooth base. Disrobe Geisha to find aromas of exotic spice markets with a unique taste of ginseng and Chinese dates.

Eight Immortals 八仙果天朝棕艾 Sep 2017

Celestial Brown Ale (8%ABV)

Inspired by the #EightImmortals who grant life and destroy evil, this Celestial Brown Ale is bestowed with #EightImmortalsFruit and 8 different malts for 8 layers of deliciousness - rum, fruitcake, coffee, hazelnut, chocolate and hints of licorice, bergamot and tangerine peel. This exciting #collaboration with #IMbeer愛啤酒 will be available at @beertopiahk! See you there! 這個天朝棕艾靈感來自能賜命和滅邪的#八仙古人。賜予#八仙果 和八種不同的麥芽,能享受八層味美的仙味 - 朗姆酒,乾果蛋糕,咖啡,松子,朱古力,甘草,佛手柑和陳皮。和#IMbeer愛啤酒 一起釀的合作啤 #Beertopia2017 有得飲,到時見!

Flaming Mountains Muscat Beer Aug 2017

Biere de Champagne (6%ABV)

Turpan, Xinjiang is a land of song and dance, precious stones, succulent lamb and delicious fruits. With its unique desert climate and fertile oasis from mountain water, #Turpan is miraculously abundant with exquisite grapes. @puchangwine has taken this opportunity to produce first-class #organic wines in Turpan. In this unique collaboration, we have travelled 2000 miles to pick up grapes straight from the vine and partnered with #Puchang to produce our next #provincialbeer, brewed with 50% muscat grape must from #PuchangVineyard and 50% malted barley wort. Half beer half wine -- what will it taste like?

Moonzen x White Labs Yeast Series Sep 2017

@whitelabsyeast & @moonzenbrewery have brewed 8 beers fermented with a variety of #WhiteLabs #purepitch yeast strains & embark on a journey of yeast discovery! 1. Altbier with Dusseldorf Yeast 2. Altbier with Kolsch Yeast 3. Wit with Belgian Wit Yeast I 4. Wit with Belgian Wit Yeast II 5. English Pale Ale with East Midlands Yeast 6. English Pale Ale with Antwerp Yeast 7. Saison with Saison III Yeast 8. Saison with Leeuwenhoek Yeast

Pacific Berry Monster Lambic

Lambic (5.2%ABV)

A collaboration between Moonzen and Gigantic Brewing Co. Light and tart vs. Sweet and fruity: this unique concoction has been second fermented with Oregon and Chinese berries. Let the battle begin! Brewed for @8x8brewingproject Beijing Nov 2017

Moonbo & Lukezen 門寶祿神

Underworld Stout (11.5%ABV)

Chopped ATG Kentucky Bourbon barrels, burning incense sticks, smoked cherrywood malt and cracked Sichuan peppercorns create an 'under'-of-this-world combination so decadent that Dark & Smoke may never want to leave Yama's Underworld anymore!